Kvarner Family: hospitality with guaranteed quality

Do you wish to get to know, at close range and in the appropriate way, authentic life in Kvarner destinations and rest in private accommodation, just in the way you had imagined?
Are you interested in fishermen’s, old captains’ stories, or stories of other inhabitants of Kvarner localities, of interesting small towns or owners of isolated houses where life unfolds in the rhythm of nature? Do you wish to taste genuine local dishes, pick the vegetables growing in your hosts’ garden yourself, season them with local olive oil and give a toast with excellent local wine?!
All this and a lot more is provided in facilities labeled Kvarner Family. It is the mark of high tourist quality, standard and recognizability of branded apartments, holiday homes, campsites and private rooms in the region. The brand Kvarner Family stands for verified holiday destination with well tended environment, cosily furnished interior, recognizable image, respect of tradition, loyal guests and homely atmosphere. The project, initiated by the County of Primorje-Korski kotar, i.e. the Kvarner region is carried out by the Kvarner County Tourism Office, in cooperation with local tourist boards.
Kvarner Family: hospitality with guaranteed quality. Make your choice!
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